Our goal is to only seek the Truth

Journalism is the activity of gathering, assessing, creating, and presenting news; including information that can positively or negatively impact our societies and the world to some extent. Thus, the news does play a major role in people’s lives and their reactions towards matters concerning important issues.  However, in the last two decades the Web has changed how people access and gather news. Moreover, it has significantly affected the way news organizations and journalists operate.

Many Americans gather their news from social media. New social media, such as: Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have become the main news resource for many people. However, some of the accessible news on social media are untruthful or in other words: “fake news”.

Fake news is a website that deliberately publishes disinformation, hoaxes and propaganda claiming it to be true to drive web traffic and to amplify their effect. Of course, viewers become vulnerable to these hoaxes and misleading news. So, how can people be protected from such deceptive news?

People deserve authenticity and credibility from the news that is presented to them. Thus, people should seek news that can deliver that. People need to be skeptic about the information they receive and ask themselves “what is the source?”, “who created this information?”.  These are only a few of the questions that people should be asking themselves. Asking questions like those can only empower people and allow them to open their eyes to the “fake news” they may see on a day-to-day basis. Education is also vital in ensuring that won is not a victim to believing the lies that some news stations/newspapers/web…etc. publish to the public.

The creditability and excellence on reporting the indispensable news is how to insure the growth of people and societies. In the rise of this technology era, people need to be aware and cautious about where they get their news from.


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