Video Story Critique


“7-Year Old Boy Saving Our Planet, One Can at a Time”



When it comes to covering human struggles and accomplishments; AJ+ is one of the top global news community, unifying our modern world. If you are looking for stories that are influencing our world, AJ+ is the right news source for you. From stories that make us laugh, cry and even inspire us as one community, AJ+ unquestionably gets right to the point.

In honor of Earth Day, AJ+ posted a video of a boy recycling in his home town, depicting that he wants to save the earth. Perhaps it is unusual to see a 7-year-old, who runs his own recycling business.  Ryan Hickman saved money for his future college tuition.

 Although Ryan does not speak much in the video; his actions and the subtitles written throughout the video give us a broad understanding of what Ryan is doing and how he is trying to make our planet a safer and better place. The music and subtitles meshed well together in the video; giving an upbeat and inspiring vibe to viewers.


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