For more than half a century Palestinian refugees are still waiting for a solution

The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians continues to this day. Palestinian claims that one of the key issues that would not help solve the conflict is the denial of Israel to follow the UN resolution.

Since the creation of Israel state in 1948, Palestinian people have been separated and most of them became refugees living in different countries. According to ANRWA, Palestinian refugees are defined as “people whose normal place of residence was Palestine during the period 1 June 1946 to 15 May 1948, and who lost both home and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 conflict.”

 image (2)


The conflict forced 85 percent of the Palestinian population to leave their home land in what became Israel. Their right to return was written into a U.N. resolution that year, but 65 years later this issue has yet to be resolved. Now there are about 5 million Palestinian refugees living in refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank. A Palestinian refugee camp, according to UNRWA, is defined as a plot of land placed at the disposal of UNRWA by the host government to accommodate Palestinian refugees and set up facilities to cater to their needs.

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The Israeli state and the world cannot keep ignoring that Palestinian refugees are human beings that deserve justice and are entitled to return to their homes.

Source: Palestinian Central Bureau of Statisti
Source: BBC NEWS
Source: ANRWA

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