Discussion # 10


 The Salesman 

All my life I have been watching foreign movies from all over the world. Doing that allowed me to have a better understanding about different countries and their diverse cultures. It also allowed to me to connect with people on a human level, discovering that despite our differences we all somehow share the same values and struggles in the sins of our coexistence.

For this assignment, I wanted to watch a foreign movie from a region or a country that I was not familiarized with or had a certain perception about. Therefore, I watched an Iranian movie called the Salesman. The movie is a 2016 drama film written and directed by Asghar Farhadi and starring Taraneh Alidoosti and Shahab Hosseini. The Salesmen also won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.  The movie is about two young couples living in Tehran, Iran, the couples face some challenges when they have to move into another apartment where suddenly eruption of violence is linked to the previous tenant of their new home which dramatically changes their lives, creating a simmering tension between the couples.


Elizabeth Campbell -Video Story

Elizabeth Campbell is a 40-year-old yoga instructor at Hofstra University.

Campbell was introduced to yoga 14-years ago. Through her yoga practice Elizabeth found peace within herself, family, and the world surrounding her. She even changed her career in business and became a yoga instructor.

 Now Elizabeth is a full-time yoga teacher, who enjoys and loves what she is doing for herself and what she can offer to others.  Elizabeth encourages students to try yoga because the practice could help them release some of the stress they gain while trying to achieve satisfactory results in their school work.

In the mean time, Elizabeth will continue to spread the  positive effects she attained from yoga to the world.

Video Story Critique


“7-Year Old Boy Saving Our Planet, One Can at a Time”



When it comes to covering human struggles and accomplishments; AJ+ is one of the top global news community, unifying our modern world. If you are looking for stories that are influencing our world, AJ+ is the right news source for you. From stories that make us laugh, cry and even inspire us as one community, AJ+ unquestionably gets right to the point.

In honor of Earth Day, AJ+ posted a video of a boy recycling in his home town, depicting that he wants to save the earth. Perhaps it is unusual to see a 7-year-old, who runs his own recycling business.  Ryan Hickman saved money for his future college tuition.

 Although Ryan does not speak much in the video; his actions and the subtitles written throughout the video give us a broad understanding of what Ryan is doing and how he is trying to make our planet a safer and better place. The music and subtitles meshed well together in the video; giving an upbeat and inspiring vibe to viewers.

Malgai Mendez is More than a Cashier – Photo Story


Most people have specific dreams that want to achieve in life. And some of these dreams seem not at all hard to accomplish if you work hard to achieve them. However, not everyone is fortunate, for some people these dreams don’t happen even though they work hard to reach them. Magali Mendez, who is working as a cashier at Breslin Kiosk at Hofstra University, came to America at the age of sixteen. Malgai continued her education and went to school in NY.  She certainly had a different plan than becoming a cashier. Though, sometimes, not accomplishing your dreams, does not stop you from finding an alternative. Life must go on and you should do the best to continue. And that’s exactly what Malgai has done.

DSC_0403 (2)
Every morning at seven o’clock, Malgai Mendez arrives to work  at Breslin Kiosk in the   Breslin bulding at Hofstra University.

DSC_0312 (2)
Working as a cashier for more than seven years, Malgai enjoys her job especially that she gets to work by herself. “I like working here alone because no one bothers me,” she said. “I don’t have a boss to tell me what to do.”
Malgai said that the students are usually nice and kind to her. She also said that  it’s not always busy at work “the food is expansive here.”


DSC_0338 (2)
Malgai, who is 27 years old, is married and also a mother to her one year old daughter named Amily. She arrived to the U.S. from Peru when she was sixteen years old. She said: “I came here with my father and sister 10 years ago. My mom and brother stayed in my country, but I still go visit sometimes.”


After arriving to NY, Malgai went to North high school in Franklin Square.”I went to high school for two years and it was fun,” she said. “There was so many Spanish students in the school.”


Becoming a cashier is not the dream job for Malgai. “I studied for two years after high school and became a medical assistant in 2010,” Malgai said. “But I couldn’t find a job because they ask for experience and I don’t have experience.”

DSC_0358 (4)
Malgai is contented with this job. It would be wonderful if I could find a job as a medical assistant but “I’m happy now,” Malgai said. “I started with minimum wadges but I got raised, and I get health benefit and the company pay for holidays and vacation.”
Time goes fast for Malgai when it gets busy. She said: “I like it when it’s busy time goes fast.”
Malgai is thankful that she gets to work and have family support with raising her daughter.”My sister lives with me and she watches my daughter,” she said.
DSC_0370 (2)
“Now, I’m happy with my job.” but in the future Malgai  wants to stop working and wants to enjoy life. She said:”When I get older, maybe after retiring, I would like to go back to my country and enjoy life.”